November 22 / Limited Participation

Explore the oldest city in our civilization, connect and vibe with the tribe, and discover why so many spiritual legends come here to find their way to the light!

Begin your day listening to hymns and admiring the beautiful sunrise. Spend time with friends and getting to know the locals. Find peace amidst the chaos and rid your mind of all troubles

What do you get?

* A luxurious stay shared with 1 or 2 mates

* 3 meals per day, curated to your body’s nutritional needs.

* Every day, try new local food and drinks.

* Project-related transfers

*Explore the culture to broaden your horizons

* Visit the Art and Cultural Galleries to sharpen your design sense.

* Inhale and exhale the spirituality that permeates everything.


This project will take you through enriching experiences like…

City Walk

The narrow alleys that hold the charm of old city


Here Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma

Local Food

The city famous for its delicious street food

Let's get connected

Why to let someone else’s perception shape and define you when you can shape yourself anytime and anywhere according to your wish?