October 22 Edition / Limited Participation

Level up your ingredients of adventure, creativity and growth at our Bhimtal Project!

Wake up in peaceful nature, explore the neighbourhood, and broaden your horizons all while finding solace with your mates

What do you get?

* A luxury stay shared with 1 or 2 mates

* 3 meals per day, curated to your body’s nutritional needs.

* Every day, try new local food and drinks

* Project-related transfers

* Adventure activities to help you reclaim your strength 

* Visit the Art Gallery to hone your design sense 

* Experience the essence of spirituality


The entire project will lead you to new and exciting places like…


Any explorative hiker here?


How about taking a bath in nature?


Do you remember your cookout days?


When was the last time you watched Himalayan griffon?


Anyone up for kayaking and paragliding?


Do you know Steve Jobs visited here for a reason?

Let's get connected

Why to let someone else’s perception shape and define you when you can shape yourself anytime and anywhere according to your wish?